Our high security bolt seals are widely used in industries such as Shipping lines, airlines, land logistics, and so on, to secure kinds of ISO container, cargo, trucks, etc.

Cable seals are widely used in transportation for high security protection.
They can secure containers, cargos, road tanks, trucks, meter boxes, post packages and bank money bags and so on.
Pull tight mechanism makes the operation easy. ...

Barrier seal is the ultimate heavy-duty barrier seal that can prevent valued goods from theft. So it is widely used when many containers of high-value goods are left alone, especially during the international and domestic transport which needs high security protection.

Our plastic seals can be used to seal the packaged materials, oil vessels, various containers, container truck and box car, etc. They are also suitable for cash bags, security bags, vending machines, bar and so on.

Company name or logo, sequential number can be printed on or embossed on the metal seals.
They can be used to seal ISO containers, container trucks and doors, etc.

Company logo / name, and sequential number can be printed on wire seals WS01 .
Colors: its body is transparent and the insert can be yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red and so on.
Our wire seals WS01 can be used to seal Meters (water/ gas/ electric/ electronic), tankers, tube equipments, valves, etc.

Padlock seals are made of special steel wire and seal body (which is filled with plastic layer).
The open end of the metal shackle runs through a hasp and then the shackle is inserted into the locking mechanism and snapped into place. ...

XFSEAL supply a wide range of tamper evident label materials in a simple and cost effective method to reveal evidence of anybodies attempt to tamper with your goods, help you to indentify & protect all your assets, indentify people, property, assets and more with the largest selection of security labels for every application...

XFSEAL supply a wide range of security tapes to
protect customers’ products against all proven methods of tamper attack, when removed the tape leaves "VOID",
"OPEN" or other customized information allowing for quick and easy recognition that the item has been opened...

We is a professional security seals manufacturer and supplier in China with more than 20 years of experience in producing bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals, wire seals, metal seals and padlock seals, etc.
Our bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals and so on are produced in compliance with the ISO9001:2008 standard, and the C-TPAT, and many of our seals have received the ISO/PAS17712 certificate.
Due to their high quality and low price, our seals are highly approved by our customers in America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, and Austria and other countries.
Located in Shanghai Jinshan, we are near to Shanghai’s port, which enables us to provide various quality seals at reduced price.
So if you are interested in our seals, please contact us. We believe that you will be satisfied with our products and seals.