Padlock Seal

Padlock Seal

Model: H3

Descriptions of Padlock Seal H3

1. Our padlock seals H3 is composed of wire and plastic locking body.
2. Wire is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Its diameter is 1.2mm.
3. Locking body (dimension is 38 × 19 × 4.5mm) is made of PP (Polypropylene).
4. Self-locking, convenient to use.
5. Our padlock seals H3 can be removed by cable cutters; if it is removed by hand, the wire will be scored.
6. It can be applied to seal meters, tankers, doors, boxes, airline cart, bags, etc.
7. Company logo/name and sequential number can be printed on our padlock seals H3.
8. Our seals are marked with bar code.
9. Yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red, black, and other colors are all available.

Packaging of Padlock Seal H3
Standard Packaging: 100pcs in a bag and 5 bags in a carton.
Carton Specifications: 12.8" × 8.27" × 8.47" (32.5cm × 21cm × 21.5cm).
Carton Weight: Gross: 4.5 kg / Net: 3.5 kg.

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