Padlock Seals
    1. Padlock Seal DH-H Our padlock seal DH-H is made up of two parts: wire and plastic locking body.
      Wire is made of galvanized steel, and its diameter is 1.2mm (stainless steel is also available).
      Locking body is made of PP (Polypropylene) and its dimension is 35.5 × 21 × 5mm.
    1. Padlock Seal DH-I, DH-I2 Our padlock seal DH-I can be used to seal all kinds of ISO containers, container trucks, doors, tankers, boxes, bags, etc.
      We can provide many colors, such as yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red, black, and so on.
    1. Padlock Seal H3Our padlock seal H3 can be removed by cable cutters; if it is removed by hand, the wire will be scored.
      It can be applied to seal meters, tankers, doors, boxes, airline cart, bags, etc.
    1. Padlock Seal PL01Company logo/name and sequential number can all be printed on our padlock seal PL01 upon request.
      There are yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red, black, and other colors for your choice.
      Our padlock seal PL01 can be used to secure meters, ATM/ bank cash boxes, airline cart, etc ...

Padlock Seal

1. Padlock seal is made up of special steel wire and seal body (which is filled with plastic layer).
2. The open end of the metal shackle runs through a hasp and then the shackle is inserted into the locking mechanism and snapped into place.
3. We can print company logo/ name and sequential number on the padlock seals by using hot stamping or laser technology.
4. Our padlock seals (dexterous and light) have good tensile resistance and high security property.
5. They are suitable for use in light-duty transportation, container trucks, trailer, rail freight, supermarket and bins, etc.
6. They can also be used for low and medium security applications, such as metal seal, cabinet seal, drum seal, and so on.