Barrier Seal

Model: DH-V2

Descriptions of Barrier Seal DH-V2

1. Our barrier seal includes two lock bodies: lock and keys.
2. Lock body is made of 100% steel and the inner lock is made of cooper. The lock is cap protected to escape from rust and erosion.
3. Each lock has three keys (more keys needed are available), which is made by computer in high precision.
4. Width and thickness of beam are 4cm and 8mm separately.
5. Lock holes are available for different space between of the door tubes.
6. To install barrier seals DH-V2, you just need to fix the two barriers on the door tube of container/truck, and then knock the pin into the lock cover with the hammer.
7. Its breaking force is more than 3.5 ton.
8. Company logo/ name and sequential number can be printed on the seals.
9. Metallic color.

Applications of Barrier Seal DH-V2
All kinds of ISO containers, container trucks, doors.
Used for high-value goods transport, for high security protection.
Applicable for two or three or more parties’ delivery.

Packaging of Barrier Seal DH-V2
Standard Packaging: 5pcs/ carton.
Carton Specifications: 19.49" × 18.50" × 5.12" (49.5cm × 47cm × 13cm).
Carton Weight: Gross: 16 kg / Net: 15 kg.

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