Plastic Seal

Model: PF335C

Where is a plastic seal used?
Our plastic seals find applications in all kinds of ISO containers, container trucks, and doors.
Meanwhile, plastic seals are also extensively used in postal services, courier services, bags, etc.

Specifications of plastic seal PF335C
Materials: PP, steel locking piece
Pull tight locking mechanism
Total length: 335mm; flag: 56 X 21mm; round tail: 256 X 1.8mm
Three obvious spikes for bags locking control
Tear for removal by hand
Label holder available
Approx. tensile strength: 343 N

Thermal stamping or laser printing
Company logo or/and name, sequential number
Bar code available

As a professional plastic seal producer, we can provide plastic seals in yellow, white, green, blue, red, orange or customized colors.

Standard Packaging for Plastic Seals: 10pcs per mat, 1000pcs / carton
Carton Specifications: 15.75" X 14.17" X 10.24" (40cm X 36cm X 26cm)
Carton Weight: Gross: 4.0 kg / Net: 3.5 kg

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